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A Lot Of Work

Going on a diet to unearth the more slender version of you that lies just beneath the surface can frankly seem like a lot of work.

And WORK is a word that definitely triggers some level of resistance in most of us, resistance that got created somewhere in our childhoods.

Many of us learned our work ethic early on in life—where we learned to work hard and that ‘nothing good in life comes easy’. We also learned that people will respect us, if and only if, we work hard or as hard as, if not harder than, everybody else.

Hence, we now struggle, suffer, and believe that only something good can come from all our hard work as we chase the dangling carrot in front of us. We put in a lot of time and endure lots of pain—mostly self-inflicted. This has become the mindset for most of humanity—to work hard and endure pain. It is also the mindset that percolates through the weight loss industry.

At one point as a kid, the ‘in joy/play/fun/things come easy’ switch got fully turned OFF and the ‘toil/work/more work/things take a lot of hard work’ switch got turned ON.

No wonder most of us are depressed and exhausted the majority of the time.

At this point in your life, you have already proven to loads of people that you can work hard, that you do work hard, and that at some point in the future, you will still be willing to work hard. Yet when so many other things in your life already feel like work, this attitude triggers resistance and can lead to inaction. You may feel that taking on any new task or chore is quite challenging to say the least—this includes going on and staying on a diet.

You know you are carrying extra weight on your body you so desperately want to lose. You know that you need to take action and that something needs to shift and change for the weight to come off. Yet as you are attempting to dig yourself out of the hole you have already dug yourself into, be sure that you just aren’t moving the dirt around from one pile to another. It truly is to your advantage to use the dirt—a.k.a. your effort—to fully fill up the yo-yo dieting weight loss hole you are trying to dig yourself out of, so that you don’t fall into it again.

Your Weight Loss Discovery Journey is helping you to move away from the mindset that hard work is the only way to achieve your weight loss goals. As you allow the grace and ease you experienced as a child to return to your daily life, you find the courage within yourself to safely let go of the difficulty and struggle you have unknowingly carried with you for so long. Once you let go of this energetic burden, pounds more easily come off for good!


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