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Become A Health Detective

Updated: Jan 24, 2018

Our bodies have innate powers to heal and the thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself do play a role in your recovery. On the road back to wellness, it’s important to move beyond feeling that you did something wrong to deserve this situation or that you are simply a victim of circumstances.

When you are presented with a physical condition or ailment in your body, you have an opportunity to become a health detective and look inward at aspects of your life that may not be working the way that you hoped they would. It may also be a chance for you to relax or to ask others for help.

A health crisis is the body’s way of expressing itself and informing you that energy is blocked in your physical form. You already know that over the years, you’ve learned to suppress your emotions, unwanted thoughts, and dreams. Growing up, you didn’t have much choice other than to suppress. So use this moment to begin to shower your inner child with self-compassion for surviving to this point. And give yourself permission to head down a new road of self-expression…and know that this new path can be paved with grace and ease if you let it.

To peel back the layers of your dis-ease or an accident that happened to you, a great place to start when looking inward is to embrace some energetic concepts from acupuncture or TCM. Those concepts say that what side of the body a health challenge is on has some significance on an energetic level

Problems with the right side of your body are energetically linked with issues related to the future, your father, men, and your career. And the left side of your body is energetically linked with issues related to the past, your mother, women, and your family.

Then, every specific organ in your body is linked with an emotion. Your liver for example is tied with anger and the toxic thoughts that percolate about in your mind. Also, how parts of your body operate physiologically can be thought of on a purely energetic functional level. To give an example for this, your intestines are about what physical nutrients your body retains or discards/lets go of through your bladder or colon. So if you are dealing with intestinal issues, what thoughts, memories, and emotions are you holding on to or suppressing?

Your body is giving you a message and a place to start and more actively participate in your healing. It’s an opportunity to let go of suppressed and unwanted emotions, to heal from childhood wounds and disappointments, and to empower yourself to take what’s happening to you as a wake-up call and transform aspects of your life.


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