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Big Island specialty goods found only at the markets

in Keauhou and Kona.

Resin Art
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Adorn your home and lanai with unique resin pieces created with aloha:

lazy Susans, serving platters, chargers, sushi trays,

picture frames, and side tables.

I also do commissions. Click here to contact me.

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While resin is quite durable, the surface can be scratched.

Resin is food-safe, yet do not cut directly on top of resin surface.

Best way to clean resin is with isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel OR microfiber cloth.

To care for your lazy Susan bearings, apply a grease such as

DuPont White Lithium.


1) putting extremely hot items on top of your resin; 2) immersing in water;

3) using a steel wool, abrasives, or knives; OR 4) putting in direct sunlight.


Stylish addition to your table or countertop that makes

condiments, small dishes, and tasty treats easily accessible.

Available in KOA WOOD. Sizes range from 13-16".


Simply attractive serving tray or use as a decorative accent piece in your home.

Available in both KOA WOOD and BAMBOO.

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Keauhou: Outrigger Hotel, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS, 9:00 - 2:00 PM

Kona Stroll: Ali'i Drive, SUNDAY (5/21, 7/16, 8/20, 10/22, 11/19, 12/10), 1:00 - 6:00 pm

Chef Cynthia

About Chef Cynthia

My love of baking started in elementary school when I would make chocolate chip cookies, freezing some of the dough to enjoy with ice cream long before it became the thing to do. Since I wasn't one to wait for the cookies to cool down once they came out of the oven, I usually ended up burning my tongue then chugging cold milk.

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new girl in the kitchen april 2000.jpg

That childhood joy of creating sugary sweets in a kitchen has stayed with me my whole now in my mid-fifties :-) Crème brûlée, chocolate croissants, and bear claws are my top three favorite sweets to eat. And lemon bars, almond cheesecake, and carrot cake are my top three faves to make and bring to a potluck and share with friends.


I believe excellent food comes from natural ingredients like butter, sugar, eggs, dairy, flour, nuts, chocolate, and fruit...and those can be combined in so many ways to delight your palate.

In addition to my culinary endeavors, I have also dabbled in different forms of art: decorative book binding, stained glass, photography, water color painting, and jewelry making. I recently discovered RESIN and love working with this new medium because of the infinite creative possibilities it offers and the fact that you only have so much time to complete your art piece before the resin cures.

Similar to many around the globe, 2020 shook my world upside down, impacted my financial situation, and left me with some free time. Free time which I used in the kitchen creating coffee butters that are now the foundation for my new venture, Aloha In A Jar. Along with tasty treats in a jar, I also make unique resin functional art pieces and laser engraved earrings that I sell at the farmers markets.

Still want to know more about here.

All food items are handcrafted by Chef Cynthia

in a home kitchen not routinely inspected by

the Department of Health.

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