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Writing & Mindset

Reconnect with your creative genius & stay in the flow

Do you do everything else but sit down and write?

Tempted to edit while you are writing?

Are you filled with nagging doubt?

Does your fear of rejection get you to quit?

Have you thought to yourself, “What if no one wants to read

what I’ve written?”

Still stuck in your current draft and can’t see a way out?

If you easily get deflated while you are writing and are ready to:

Make breakthroughs in your writing

Restore faith in your abilities

Go from stalled to unstoppable

Become a self-starter

Allow yourself to be excited and energized

Stay focused and in the flow

Then select from the resources below and get your transformation started!

Results are dependent on you getting honest with yourself,

really honest about who and what trigger you to stop writing and to step away from your desk.

It also requires you to take action, to tap on a consistent basis,

and be open to change and new ways of looking at things in your life.

The material for writers offered here at EFT tapping guru put you back in charge  

of harnessing the power of your own thoughts spinning about in your creative imagination.

You are an excellent storyteller and fully capable of writing across multiple genres.

And your writing process can be filled with grace and ease.

Do you want to accelerate your progress toward reaching your goals?

Then apply to work directly with Cynthia and receive her 1-on-1 support and guidance by clicking here.

New to EFT tapping...or simply not ready to take a trip

down the rabbit hole of your creative insecurities?

On the days you finally get your butt in the chair, you may force yourself to write

a certain number of pages based on what someone already famous

has deemed as the desirable daily word count.

And if the words aren’t flowing, you may spend the remains of the day chastising yourself.

Like your own version of Groundhog's Day, it can go on and on like that into the foreseeable future.


Or you can give yourself a real chance to put an end to any self-sabotaging behaviors

by tuning in to the knowledge of your inner self and discover what has

contributed to writer's block in the first place. Awareness, along with

acceptance, lets you gently get to the heart of the page

with your ability to create artistically.

To facilitate you easily communicating with and then swiftly unraveling the

resistant parts of your mind and hidden parts of your heart that

fear rejection and doubt your abilities, EFT tapping is used.


When your subconscious needs for approval and acceptance are addressed,

a transformation occurs and you begin to break loose 

from the artistic constraints that currently bind you.

As mental and physical energies are freed up,

your artistic angst and despair are given a chance to vanish.

Then, a sense of confidence returns to your mind and makes it safe enough

for your creative genius to come out and play with words. 

Since you already know that writing is more than simply putting words on a page, 

it's to your creative advantage to get some clarity about

Three Key Areas

you need to be aware of when trying to write anything.

Transform Root Issues

As storytellers, we are absorbed in our thoughts most of the day, and often when we get quiet enough to write, 

our inner critic and ego seem to rear their heads and block our creativity.

It’s to your writing advantage to cast those two characters—inner critic and ego—in the roles that they play,

for they are your most insidious antagonists that will attempt to thwart you every step of the way.

Their truer names are self-sabotage and resistance

and they are merely by-products of being reared as a human being.

Presently, your inner critic belittles you and instills you with so much DOUBT that you resort to self-defeating patterns. And your ego—which is basically your inner critic wearing a different mask—fears REJECTION. As a result,

the inward cinema of your subconscious mind imagines all the possible worst-case scenarios of what could happen 

in all your interpersonal RELATIONSHIPS if you do or don't finish your writing project.

If you want to set the wheels in motion to get out of your current creativity conundrum,

click on a root image below to see if that's part of what is influencing your behavior today.

Some Part Of You Already Knows That

At The Heart Of The Page...


...your own hero’s journey as a writer means learning to transform how you relate to

and let your inner critic and ego run the show—or ruin the show since they can easily get you to stop writing.

Those two bullies in your brain have been with you since kindergarten,

which is where the majority of your current creative stumbling blocks in your prose unknowingly have their roots.


Some Part Of You Also Knows That

You Can Continue To Struggle With Your Writing

OR You Can Finally...

Understand that getting educated as a kid meant curtailing your enthusiasm and putting limits on your creative potential

Transform the resistance activated by your inner critic and ego,

so that you realize you have what it takes to be creative

Have some great resources in your self-help toolkit that allow you to feel more inspired 

Reconnect with your creative genius and stay in the flow

Let the joy of creating begin to vibrate in your soul and propel you forward to keep writing on! 

Tapping Resources


'Even Though'

Clearing Phrases

Purchase eBooks and audiobooks by clicking

on the links provided under each book cover.

You will be redirected to either Amazon or Audible.

Happy tapping!


The declarations in these EFT tapping books are meant to transform your state of mind.

Continued positive reinforcement allows you to tune in to a higher frequency and stay in the flow of your creativity.

Affirmations are needed in a 3 to 1 ratio with the 'Even though' clearing phrases that are the basis of EFT Tapping.

EFT helps you get the resistant parts of your subconscious mind fully on board,

so that you'll keep celebrating yourself and your accomplishments.


And since writers are alone during most of the creative process, it’s essential to your peace of mind and productivity

to recite inspiring affirmations to remind yourself that you are smart, capable, and making progress toward finishing

your project—be it a novel, play, screenplay, or any other written work.

There are 101 affirmation in each Volume in the Affirmations Series.

Success is within your reach! The power to transform your life and complete your current project is in your own hands!

Volume 1

Buy eBook

Volume 2

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Volume 3

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'Even Though' Clearing Phrases

The ‘Even though’ clearing phrases that are the basis of EFT tapping have been designed

to identify and remove the roadblocks in your own thinking, which then lets you align your heart with your mind

and channel what’s waiting to be churned out by your creative imagination.


And once your creative genius and powers of invention inherent in your brain are unearthed and released,

your playful inner child and your adult wisdom are given equal standing,

as are the functions of both your right-brain and your left-brain.

When those elements are all united and given a voice, the door to possibilities is burst wide-open

and what you are capable of creating becomes infinite.

EFT tapping will assist you in getting aspects of your subconscious mind fully on board,

so you can neutralize your resistance to believing you’re a writer who can write prolifically and profitably.

Tapping is also a great way to reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm,

as well as boost your self-confidence and energy level

to keep moving forward to reach your goals.

Volume 1

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Volume 2

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Volume 3

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