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"At the end of each day, after each session in the weight-loss program, I’d always feel better. Cynthia was so open during the sessions that I was able to release a lot of emotional stuff. And the EFT tapping, I use it whenever I feel nervous. Most importantly for me, it liberated me from the reigns of my mother. It feels so good. I don’t have the burden. The result was phenomenal. It helped me grow in that I wasn’t stuck anymore, and I’m more mindful of what I eat. I’m more mindful of my body telling me what it needs. EFT is wonderful stuff.


I’d worked with Cynthia previously to prepare to run my very first marathon. Cynthia’s an incredible listener and EFT master. She heard all of my concerns (over the phone) and addressed them one by one with her superb EFT coaching. My biggest concern was my ankle which I sprained 7 weeks prior to the marathon and would the pain come back while I was running for so long. As we worked through all of my concerns and fears, Cynthia’s coaching fully prepared me for my first marathon. I had no issues with my recently sprained ankle or with anything else throughout the run or afterwards…I cannot say enough about how amazing Cynthia has been and how much support she provided me. Looking back, I think one thing, I did it alone. But really, the reality is Cynthia was my guidance throughout. And it’s also post and not just the marathon. A lot happened October-December of last year. Cynthia was like the pillar for me. I am really, really grateful.”


Inky Kim Owner/Chef, Catering Abode

"Thank you so much for your wonderful guidance and amazing words–you are the ‘wordsmith healer.’ Your words touch me in an exceptionally profound way, and, most importantly, they stay with me, transform me, and significantly shift the way I view the world and several of its more subtle intricacies. Your powers of life-interpretation and analogizing are just so exceptionally unique and precious. I deeply appreciate this talent and proclivity you have toward interpretation and analogy-making, as they have tremendously impacted my life in the most positive of ways. I am more grateful than you will ever know for your time, care, and presence in my life.”


Kelly C. G.

"Following a life threatening accident, medical mistakes, respiratory arrest that required resuscitation, and multiple surgeries, I was told I would be wheelchair bound and never walk again. From both an emotional and physical perspective, I found my healing with Cynthia to be unbelievably beneficial. I moved through the fear of being more than close to death. I also worked with Cynthia in healing my severe physical pain in the absence of medication, as well as nerve damage in both legs. After every EFT session with Cynthia I felt a shift - emotionally, physically or both. This experience of healing superseded my expectations in so many ways. Thank you so much Cynthia for sharing your gift of healing with me. You have given me a gift beyond words.”


Lee K.

"It all started with a running injury. I was amazed. I was definitely skeptical…lots of skepticism going in to try a new technique, but with an very open mind and with intrigue and interested in the process of how it worked. So, it started with my knee injury and within 2 sessions, my injury, which was not major, but had been preventing me from running for probably almost a month…(and I had seen chiropractors and all the sports therapists and none of that helped the ailment)…yet 2 EFT tapping sessions and it was completely gone and haven’t even had the slightest return since then and that was 8 months ago. So, that was pretty phenomenal in and off itself.


And then beyond that, within those same sessions dealt with my lower back injury which had occurred three years prior in a severe car accident where I was rear-ended. Had gotten progressively worse and worse in the lower back—progressively gotten tighter and then causing me more pain on a more regular basis was definitely causing some serious interference with my activities and even my ability to sit for any period of time. To have that pain and tightness relieved and ameliorated within a couple of sessions after having dealt with it for three years was mind-boggling…’cause I had really seen everybody…massage, acupuncture, chiropractic. Yeah, so that was pretty kick-a$$.


I do stretching. I was still very active, yet I did not let it prevent me from running, dancing, and hula-hooping and snowboarding. Yet, I still had to deal with the extra discomfort and deal with the extra time I had to try to take to try to heal it and pamper it a bit more and recover it a bit more after doing my workouts and what-not.


Beyond the physical relief and the relief of injury that occurred during those sessions, I had a lot of breakthroughs emotionally and you know anxiety that had formed in my body and in my mind as a result of the injury and as a result of the accident that was never resolved. And that then got relieved, and I no longer have that.  So, to me that was an added benefit of having that emotional relief and letting go of stored anxiety and emotion and anger and frustration and what-not.


I really have as a result of doing the work…it sparked a great interest in me in this type of work and how it can be used to help people in all manner of issues—emotional and physical and things that are blocking them. I have recommended Cynthia and her work to numerous friends and family…and I just can never say enough good things about it and about her and about how gracious and amazing she is in the process…and how effective the process is and the work is in your life.”

Joanna R. Goodwin Owner, In Good Health

"I came to understand the concepts of energetically holding on to something versus energetically letting it go. EFT helped me to revisit parts of my life I hadn’t even looked at. I realized I was holding on to events and history and carrying this stuff with me. Shedding the baggage also helps to shift weight.


I am now good at communicating with people who try to gloss over something. I can have that instinctual flash that I should look over that again. I think these EFT classes have helped because we are pulling things apart. There’s an empowerment there. I’m taking control.


Even during our time together, I’ve done a better job getting my point across to my family and not letting them run the conversation.”


Tara Veith Owner, Tara Veith Design LLC

"Learning EFT from Cynthia has been an adventure - liberating, compelling, and empowering. Using these techniques has given me a marked improvement in health, attitude, and strength. I am grateful for Cynthia's guidance, expertise, and humor as she taught me these skills. Because of EFT, I know that my life will grow in unexpected and empowering ways.”


R. Wilenski

"Before I worked with Cynthia, I had been admitted to the hospital due to a very painful and enlarged gall bladder that I was told I would need to have removed. Instead, I chose to work with Cynthia first to help me get better. Cynthia addressed my problem from all angles: nutritionally, physically, and emotionally, and was able to give me the help I needed in all of these areas to improve my gall bladder issue naturally. In one of our earlier talks, she patiently guided me while I cried through the whole session. By the end of 2 weeks, I felt great, though I hadn’t stabilized yet, and by the end of a month, I was eating normal again if I chose to, though I mainly chose to eat healthier. I learned tools to help me "de-stress” myself easily and quickly, since stress is such a big factor in our health. Not only was I able to improve the current emotional stress I had, but I was able to learn how to ward off new stress, have less stressful communications with my teenagers, and help my teens handle their stresses better, too. Now it has been over 4 months since I was in the hospital, and my gall bladder hasn’t given me any more trouble, due to changing some of my food choices that I wouldn’t have known about and learning about what was causing my stress and how to handle it so much better rather than holding it inside of myself, doing damage to my body that way. When I think back on if I didn’t have that initial phone call with Cynthia and had gone through with the surgery, it would have only been a temporary fix, since I would have still eaten in a way that wasn’t good for my body and I still wouldn’t have handled my stress well at all, causing more damage to my body. For me it was a no-brainer to hire Cynthia, when compared to the cost of not learning these life-extending lessons from her.”


Sue Panaanen

"Cynthia’s program worked for me and left me pain-free. After one phone session with Cynthia applying the principles of EFT with me, when I woke up the next morning, there was no more pain. Cynthia also provided me with simple instructions and tools for me to apply EFT on my own. I was a skeptic at first because it seemed too simple, but I was sold on the pain-free results. Cynthia has a lighthearted and effective work style. I highly recommend her programs. And I found her weight-loss book entertaining, for it made me laugh. I’m doing all the exercises and they really make me think and look within…in a fun way you have excellent information that is introspective.”

Cindy Borgonzi-Areglado

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