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Cynthia's Bio Tidbits: Based on a True Story and Beyond All Seriousness 

  • I once had a job where in addition to wearing egg on my face, I got to where chocolate as well.

  • Bungee jumping in Australia is so far the most amazing adrenaline rush I've experienced; prior to that, roller coasters and mountain biking in the Rockies were top picks.

  • Growing up, I spent so much time training in a swimming pool that I sweated chlorine.

  • I prefer to live in warm weather and am now lucky enough to call Hawaii my home. Aloha!

  • Just like you, I have many superpowers. One of my best is laser-beam vision for packing. It always comes in handy when taking road trips with friends who are amazed at how I can take two families' worth of luggage and make it fit into the back of a Saturn station wagon so that it goes in easily and comes out easily. This superpower is also handy when stuffing a dishwasher full of dishes.

  • Bikram yoga ROCKS! In 2010, I did 90 classes in 89 days.

  • Since I don't own a TV, I depend on streaming for my dose of entertainment. Don't worry, you can still work with me and keep the cable.

  • I am obsessed with all things COCONUT—milk, meat, and water. Coconut water is truly the nectar of the gods, goddesses, and gurus.

  • Every time we moved as a kid, I suffered from a resurgence of 'New Kid On The Block' Syndrome and felt the world had come to an end. Since it was during an era prior to the internet and cell phones, staying in touch with friends was next to impossible.

  • I am a bit of a goofball whose motto is 'Add levity and laughter to the seriousness of the day.'

  • Right now...I'd rather be out snorkeling than doing anything else.

  • My fondness for sweets started with I was little. At restaurants, I'm known to look at the dessert menu first.

My name is Cynthia Magg and my life has been a gradual unfolding—moving away from what others thought I should be doing and discovering what I truly desired to do. I wanted to share my love of food with others and create culinary delights that would bring them joy. I wanted to become a chef so much that I left a lucrative, yet stressful corporate America job only to step right into the pressures of the culinary world: standing on my feet 14 hours a day, 6 days a week, for pennies on the dollar just like the ‘Time-to-Make-The-Donuts Man’, yet I was making croissants and pastries at the Ritz. Despite what I have been told by others in the industry, I never could have imagined that something I found so fulfilling would be so physically demanding on my body and emotionally exhausting.


While I was figuring out if I was going to open up a pastry shop in Silicon Valley, California and dealing with a newly diagnosed inguinal hernia from a lifting injury, a good friend encouraged me to embrace the healing energy in food. It seemed the obvious next step—from pastry chef to nutritionist. After all, it would allow me to combine food and nutrition with everything I already knew as an athlete about protein and carbs. It would also allow me to face up to my own health issues. And as I reflect on it now, maybe on some level I was trying to make amends for all of the yummy desserts I’d created. Yikes!

All my life, I’d taken lots of over-the-counter meds to manage seasonal allergy problems, colds, the occasional flu, low energy, muscle pains from sports, and bouts of insomnia. I found myself caught in a continuous cycle: trying something new, feeling better for a period of time, then being confronted with the next personal challenge or setback which usually was followed by some ailment, culminating in the slow-yet-steady return to old habits to get by. Up to that point in my life, I thought that all I needed to transform my life and health was sheer determination, positive affirmations, and some really inspiring ‘post-it’ note reminders.


During my quest for wellness, I took a number of transformational workshops and tried several therapies that involved a lot of laughing, crying, screaming at the top of my lungs, and dealing with my feelings. I also studied and worked with different alternative healthcare practitioners who identified that I had many food sensitivities that were aggravating my conditions. It took a sizable amount of effort on my part to change my diet, especially my fondness for sweets and excessive amounts of alcohol. Yet in doing so, my allergies evaporated, the frequency of flu, colds and the bouts of insomnia diminished, and my energy began to return. However, I was disappointed that the aches and pains throughout my body remained and that led me to question my ability to get well.


In 2008, I received an Emotional Freedom Techniques® (acupressure tapping) session as a gift. It changed my life. Up until then, I did not believe I would find relief from years of intermittent hernia pain without undergoing surgery. When the session started, the first thing I thought of was a relationship issue.


The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner gently guided me through the session, and I was able to talk about events as they surfaced without feeling renewed stress and anxiety. That was a first for me—being able to talk about events from the past without being re-traumatized. With just a few minutes of tapping, I let go of some painful memories. I also found that any physical discomfort and pain I was experiencing in my body at the start of the session was almost completely gone, leaving me feeling empowered to address and transform other issues in the future.


The EFT session significantly impacted me—I felt better than I had in years. I was physically pain-free, and I felt emotionally lighter. I now had first-hand experience that helped me see just how the physical goings-on in my body are interconnected with my memories, thoughts, and emotions. After that, I felt it was important to learn and become certified in EFT tapping so that I could share its potential with others—friends, colleagues, loved ones, existing clients, and people I'd just met. Within a month or so of that session, the hernia that I’d had for 6+ years completely healed; and in the thirteen years since, I’ve never had a recurrence.


Most of my clients say they come to me because they have tried everything else, and they don’t have time to waste sitting on the sidelines or being in pain. These same clients said that one of their biggest challenges was the stressful moments and emotional crises in their lives, which usually provoked a domino-like effect, triggering the return to their usual negative thoughts and habits that chipped away at their progress.


The techniques that helped me heal my hernia literally changed my life and helped to create the foundation for the mind-body transformational work I offer clients today. It was after that first EFT session that I began to see just how these techniques would be the key to giving clients the tools and skills to more easily address life challenges, gently-yet-powerfully move through them, and attain the desired results in the pursuit of their goals and dreams.


In 2013, I started to put this transformational information into a series of books. The first one, on weight loss, Getting to the Heart of the Platter, was birthed from the work that I do with clients who were in physical and emotional pain, since excess weight is a manifestation of the emotional burdens we all carry. To read about my struggle with weight, click here.



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Aloha! I'm an EFT tapping guru who assists people in reconnecting with their own inner guidance or Higher Self that inherently knows how to say 'Adios' to self-sabotaging behaviors and resistance. And as you give yourself permission to move those roadblocks

out of the way, life becomes a whole lot easier.


Getting realigned with your inner guidance lets you feel inspired and allows you to tap into your supernatural powers to heal and manifest the life you want. To facilitate your metamorphosis, the phraseology in EFT tapping swiftly and easily removes internal barriers to success. And that's the beauty of EFT—it gets right to the heart of the matter and makes you skilled in the art of transformation. With EFT in your self-help toolkit, the journey to achieving your goals can be paved with grace, ease, fun, playfulness, abundance, love, radiant health, and peace of mind. All you need is tap to transform and then Thrive!

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