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Coronavirus Support

Using EFT Tapping to support your emotional well-being


If you are having any Coronavirus symptoms, call your doctor and get tested.

If you have already tested positive for the virus and are having difficulty breathing,

go to a hospital immediately.


What's on this page is designed to provide you with emotional support during this Coronavirus pandemic.

HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE: Cynthia Magg is not a licensed health professional.

Therefore, you must take complete responsibility for your own health and you

SHOULD CONSULT a qualified healthcare professional regarding your use

of any materials and concepts found on this website.


The world as we know it has changed and is changing every day.

And while technology can help us bridge the distances between us and our friends and loved ones,

most people don’t have a way to help them address worries and concerns in the present moment.

Talking about what is concerning you is great. Posting or writing about it is also great.

Yet transforming those concerns with EFT Tapping is even better.


The ‘Even though’ clearing phrases that are the basis of EFT tapping have been designed to identify and remove the roadblocks in your own thinking. The phraseology in EFT tapping allow the words you declare to reach the deepest cellular core of your being and neutralize any subconscious resistance you might have to staying healthy. And that's the beauty of EFT—it gets right to the heart of the matter and makes you skilled in the art of transformation.

Affirmations are the second part of the EFT tapping formula and are aimed at providing you with positive reinforcement, which will allow your brain to tune in to a higher frequency of well-being. When you have a clearer state of mind, energy gets freed up to flow throughout your body; it also allows you to more easily calm down when you are feeling stressed. Stating affirmations daily will help you stay upbeat and remind you that you are capable of handling whatever comes your way.


So that your restoration to a healthy state may be permanent,

it's to your advantage to become aware of and get some clarity about

Three Obstacles To Recovery.

To read about them on the Health & Mindset page, click here.

Tapping Resources

Whether you live alone or with other people, the EFT tapping books below are designed to

provide you with emotional comfort and support during this pandemic.

There are two sections in each volume.

Section 1 contains ‘Even though’ clearing phrases and Section 2 contains Affirmations.


What's covered in Volume 1:

Limiting thoughts that most people have;

Fears related to getting sick/being sick and death/dying; and

The daily challenges of this pandemic.

What's covered in Volume 2:

Finances, budgeting, and abundance;

Baking, bingeing, and bursting at the seams;

Lock-down dramas and people living under the same roof;

Anxiety, stress, and sleep (or lack thereof).


Purchase eBooks by clicking on the links provided under each book cover.

You will be redirected to Amazon.

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