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Wealth & Mindset

Boost your self-worth and transform your financial situation

Do you struggle to make ends meet on a monthly basis?

Can't seem to be able to put aside any money for retirement?

Always arguing with your significant other about money issues?

Do you feel you don't deserve to have an easier life?

Have you thought to yourself, “I will have to work harder than I already am to acquire more wealth?”

Afraid that when you get more money that it still won't be enough?

If you shy away from the topic of money yet are ready to:

Embrace an abundance mindset

Deem yourself worthy to have an easier life

Truly value what you have to offer the world

Shift your thinking about becoming rich

Swiftly draw opportunities & prosperity to you

Succeed on your own terms

Then select from the resources below and get your transformation started!

Results are dependent on you getting honest with yourself,

really honest about how your thoughts about money influence your behavior.

It also requires you to take action, to tap on a consistent basis,

and be open to change and new ways of looking at things in your life.

The material for boosting your worth offered here at EFT tapping guru put you back in charge  

of harnessing the power of your own thinking to let go of a scarcity mindset

and become a magnet for abundance in its place.

Your road to riches can be paved with grace and ease.

Do you want to accelerate your progress toward reaching your goals?

Then apply to work directly with Cynthia and receive her 1-on-1 support and guidance by clicking here.

New to EFT tapping...or simply not ready to remove

the roadblocks in your mindset so that could you prosper?

Money makes the world go round

and without it our living situation would be pretty dire.

Yet people seldom calmly and openly discuss their money matters, particularly with their loved ones.


So what makes an important topic such as money regularly avoided if we’re all so keen to acquire more of it?

Deeply embedded in your subconscious mindset dwell your thoughts and beliefs about money.

And many of those views were knowingly and unknowingly given to you by well-meaning members

of your various tribes. It’s hard to go against programming and conditioning,

especially if you don’t know it’s there and you’ve been living by its laws since early childhood.

Then and now, the cast of characters in your life formed their opinions about wealth and abundance

based on specific events that happened to them

and based on what was handed down to them from previous generations.

Additionally, in your household as a kid,

money may have been what your parents argued about all the time.

It may have even led to the demise of their relationship and the disbanding of the family unit.

And even if your family stayed intact,

money is an emotionally-charged subject

and people rarely agree on how it’s to be acquired

and just how it is to be spent or saved.

Maybe you’ve never paused long enough to think about any of the above

and how it shapes and drives your actions.

It’s also possible that you’ve considered some of that,

yet you’ve been unable to effectively do anything about it.

Since you already know that you have conflicting thoughts about money, 

it's to your financial advantage to get some clarity about

Three Key Areas

you need to be aware of when trying to draw abundance to you.

Transform Root Issues

The journey to boosting your net worth includes taking a look at how you deem yourself worthy

or value what you have to offer the world, for your feelings of SELF-WORTH do affect what’s in your bank account.


And based on your own upbringing, some part of your psyche is actually resistant to having more money in your life.

Yet you are just not conscious that you push away wealth and other assets and prevent them from flowing your way. Your current MONEY BELIEFS even stop you from seeing opportunities around you that could help you prosper.


To top all that off, the inward cinema of your subconscious mind

imagines all the possible worst-case scenarios of what could happen 

in all your interpersonal RELATIONSHIPS if you do or don't acquire more money.

If you want to set the wheels in motion to get out of your current financial conundrum,

click on a root image below to see if that's part of what is influencing your behavior today.

Some Part Of You Already Knows That

At The Heart Of Your Wallet...


...are the resistant parts of your mind

and hidden parts of your heart that

don't feel you deserve to have an easier life.


Some Part Of You Also Knows That

You Can Continue To Struggle Financially

OR You Can Finally...

Identify and then neutralize your resistance to having extra money in your life

Form a new relationship with money so you can grow your portfolio of assets

Have a great resource in your self-help toolkit, EFT tapping, that allows you to stay inspired and energized

Feel more confident about what you are capable of achieving

Tapping Resources


'Even Though'

Clearing Phrases

Purchase eBooks and audiobooks by clicking

on the links provided under each book cover.

You will be redirected to either Amazon or Audible.

Happy tapping!


The declarations in these EFT tapping books are meant to transform your state of mind.

Continued positive reinforcement allows you to tune in to a higher frequency and easily draw resources to you.

Affirmations are needed in a 3 to 1 ratio with the 'Even though' clearing phrases that are the basis of EFT Tapping.

EFT helps you get the resistant parts of your subconscious mind fully on board,

so that you'll get abundance consistently flowing your way.


Stating affirmations helps you stay upbeat and inspires you to become open and willing 

to let the universe shower you with prosperity in all areas of your life.

You can swiftly shift your mindset to be more fully in alignment with building wealth.

There are 101 affirmation in each Volume in the Affirmations Series.

Success is within your reach! The power to transform your life and build your wealth is in your own hands!

Volume 1

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Volume 2

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Volume 3

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'Even Though' Clearing Phrases

The ‘Even though’ clearing phrases that are the basis of EFT tapping have been designed

to identify and remove the roadblocks in your own thinking,

so you’ll neutralize your resistance to having extra money in your life

and growing your portfolio of assets.


Regular EFT tapping helps you hold yourself in a higher regard.

When you esteem and appreciate yourself, you carry yourself differently,

and people notice that your head is held high, your shoulders are back, 

and you walk with purpose and a firm gait,

since you know that your steps are leading you toward your goals.

Feeling more confident allows you to care less about the opinions of others

and whether they deem you worthy.

Because you know that you are smart, capable, and resilient,

more of your time is spent honoring, admiring, and affirming your accomplishments.

Volume 1

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Volume 2

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Abundance For Women

Abundance For Women Matters is a series of EFT tapping books created exclusively for women,

since as a group, women have specific issues to address and clear relating to finances and net worth.

This special series is meant to be used in conjunction with the Rollin’ In Dough

and 101 Affirmations For Wealth Building series, respectively.

Starting from infancy, the female sex pays more from products and services throughout the course of their lives.

Conscious awareness of this fact is what can help to bring about a financial transformation on a personal level,

because you now understand what you are up against

and why it can seem so hard to stretch your dollars and make ends meet.

Plus, girls gets nurtured differently in society. And since net worth is closely linked with feelings of self-worth,

how worthy you deem yourself and value what you have to offer the world does affect what’s in your bank account.

Luckily, you can do something about that with EFT tapping.

Volume 1

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Volume 2

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Volume 3

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