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EFT Tapping For Kids

Give your child the gift of EFT Tapping

By teaching your child EFT tapping today, it allows them to:

Have an easy way to say bye-bye to their worries and problems;

Stay calm during times of change;

Be more self-confident; and

Return to a state of inner peace when they get upset.

PLUS: They'll have a great tool in their self-help toolkit as they transition from childhood into adolescence.

You put your child's well-being and peace of mind literally back into your own hands,

when you download a handout of tapping points for your child and 

teach them the happy tapping sequence on their body.


Kids love Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping

since it is fun and easy to learn.

It also helps to tap along with your child

on whatever issue they are dealing with. 

For handouts, just click here.

Some Common Issues Most Young Kids Struggle With

  • Sleep (falling asleep, staying asleep)

  • Toilet (potty training, bedwetting)

  • Tooth (baby teeth falling out, toothaches, cavities)

  • Growing pains (aches and pains in the limbs)

  • Food and eating (fussy eater, not hungry, meltdown at mealtimes)

  • Being sick (tummy aches, colds, the flu, etc.)

  • Worries and fears (bad dreams, monsters, school, animals, bugs)

  • School (feeling smart, having friends, remembering, staying focused)

  • Performance (school, sports, dance, music)

  • Expressing their emotions (esp. anger, hurts, disappointments)

  • Bullying (at playground, at home, at school)

  • Stress and day-to-day anxieties

As a parent, you easily recognize most of what your child is going through. Now EFT tapping gives you a tool to swiftly and easily address those issues with lasting positive benefits for you and your child.


Get your kids into the healthy habit of tapping

so that they emotionally feel more carefree and happy

to sing, dance, and laugh their way through each day.

Do you as a parent want to receive support and guidance on how to help your child with EFT tapping?

Then apply to work directly with Cynthia by clicking here.

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