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Thrive 3.0 Podcast

Tune in and transform your life

The power to transform your life rests in your own hands.

Be sure to join the weekly EFT tapping sessions.

Podcast Schedule

Mindset-Shifting Mondays

Since our egos are rarely satisfied and our inner critics jump at every opportunity to put us down, it's essential to our peace of mind to clear the way to transformation.

Tri Personal Best Tuesdays

As a triathlete, you may be physically prepared for your latest race. Yet to consistently set a personal record means discovering and transforming the mental barriers in your mindset to do so.


Tap and Grow Rich Tuesdays

Net worth is closely tied to our feelings of self-worth and to our beliefs about money. If you want to start rollin' in the dough, then tune in to allow wealth and abundance to flow into your bank accounts.


Waistline-Shrinking Wednesdays

Shedding the pounds and keeping them off isn't really about the food. It's about who and what trigger you to reach for comfort foods when you're not hungry or have already eaten. To get off the dieting roller coaster once and for all, listen and tap along with Cynthia.


Write On! Wednesdays

To move beyond writer's block requires that you take a trip down the rabbit hole of your creative insecurities, so you can finally reconnect with your inner genius and stay in the flow to finish each and every writing project you embark upon.

Fairways And Greens Fridays

Tired of hacking and slicing away at that little white ball?

Then learn how to tap into the power of your mindset to reduce the number of strokes it takes you to land it in the cup.

Free Up Your Energy Fridays

None of us likes to feel pain, dis-comfort, or dis-ease anywhere in our body. Luckily, EFT tapping offers you a way to experience well-being in your whole being. This podcast series explores a holistic approach of reuniting body, mind, and emotions to self-heal and feel fabulous.


The EFT tapping scripts in the podcasts include some deep breathing which is done for a count of five.

Yet as each person's lung capacity is different, do what feels most natural to you.

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