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EFT & The Power of 'I AM' Affirmations

A self-confident person is proud of their accomplishments and of who they are as a person, regardless of whether they receive the approval or acceptance of others. Unfortunately, most children are shamed into believing that pride in one’s self is a fault and therefore something to be avoided. Only others—your parents, teachers, etc.—could be proud of you and speak highly of you.


Luckily, you have the option to reframe the relationship you currently have with yourself. You can give yourself permission to think highly of yourself and use words to describe yourself that light you up inside and make you feel good about yourself.


Declaring positive I AM affirmations gives you hope and shifts your mindset to a higher energized frequency that resonates with your heart and your whole being.


On your journey to boosting your self-confidence and transforming your life, it’s essential that you talk positively to yourself, especially since your inner critic can rear its head at any moment and begin its onslaught of negativity. Your inner critic, the bully in your brain, fears that you will empower yourself and put it out of a job that it’s had since your early childhood.


If you are ready to send your inner critic to the unemployment line, then these books are for you.

Volume 1

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Volume 2

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Volume 3

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