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Healing Physical Pain

Few of us do well when confronted with physical pain, either on a short-term or long-term basis.

Regardless of the duration or intensity of our pain, we want to be pain-free as soon as possible. Hence, as adults, we grab over-the-counter and prescription meds or other substances to get rapid relief. And since we learned in our childhood to reach for food to escape pain, we head next to the fridge or cupboard to further comfort ourselves, especially if there is no one else around to distract us.

A lot of people on the planet have to manage serious amounts of acute or chronic pain. Some of that pain has its roots in physical accidents or injuries or from an actual disease or illness. And, there is sometimes aching and soreness that results from carrying excess pounds on our bodies.

If you are dealing with daily pain or pain that surfaces on a regular basis, some part of you may find it hard to remember your life before the pain. And, another part of you may fear that going forward you will always have that pain, which gets exacerbated by us having been told that as we get older we should expect to experience more aches and pains.

Also, any issues you currently have with weight today may be a direct result of the onset of physical pain. In fact, you may have weighed less before your pain appeared and became chronic.

If you are experiencing physical pain of any kind, you can use EFT tapping to safely and easily reduce the intensity of discomfort you are having. Additionally, tapping can be used as a way to quickly repattern your brain to transform the habit of using food as a pain reliever.

You can either tap on EFT tapping points, or simply tap around the area of your body where pain is manifesting in the moment—provided you can easily reach that area. And as you tap, imagine your pain being swiftly carried away by birds, who take it high up into the sky, until it is fully out of sight.


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