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Aloha! I’m Cynthia Magg. In 1984, I began studying and practicing Hatha Yoga to deal with the stress of college life. On the days I did yoga, I slept better, was less moody, stayed focused during class, and remembered my lectures afterwards. Over the past 38 years, doing yoga has helped me be flexible enough to touch my toes and has shown me how to live in greater harmony with myself and the rest of the planet.


My favorite kind of yoga is Bikram Yoga, which I’ll admit is an acquired taste. Yet you don’t have to sweat profusely or even do 90 minutes of poses to reap the benefits of the various types of yoga. Only a mere 20 minutes a day or a few times a week is all it takes to strengthen your core, energize your soul, and chill out in our fast-paced technology-driven world.

Yoga is a perfect complement to the mind-body work that I do with EFT tapping. The practice of yoga reduces and transforms the physical and psychological tension and trauma that often gets suppressed and stored in our organs, muscles, and cells—which contributes to dis-ease. To further assist people with healing, I created a mobile yoga studio and began teaching traditional Hatha Yoga to tourists and locals residing along the Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii in: Waikoloa Beach, Waikoloa Village, Mauna Lani, Puako, Mauna Kea, and Four Seasons/Hualalai. If you reside outside those areas, simply email us for pricing and fees for your specific location so you too can enjoy the convenience of yoga delivered to you.


To learn more about Cynthia, click here.


Call to book a private Hatha Yoga session.

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In addition to my interest in the philosophy of yoga, I love studying yoga anatomy and how the energetic union of breathing while striking a pose quiets the mind, invigorates the body, and stimulates healing.


Kelly, Colorado

Cynthia is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. She’s very enthusiastic.

Maxine, Utah

My two kids loved the session. Cynthia was good at keeping them focused and interested, so that I could also enjoy the workout.

C.L., Michigan

With my body being out of shape, the sessions are challenging, yet I feel stronger.

Lainey, Oregon

Cynthia’s guidance and help with the movements made for a great session.

Ann, Hawaii

Just what I needed!

Larry, California

I enjoyed the session.

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