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The #1 Reason To Pick A Mobile Studio

is to save time

so you can do more of what you really love.

#1 Reason to Pick a Mobile Studio

Are you on vacation and want yoga classes that fit with your busy schedule?


Are you looking for personal guidance to take your yoga practice to the next level?


Do you want more clarity, strength, and balance in your daily life?

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Private sessions are perfect for you if:

You prefer to practice yoga in the comfort of your own home or place of residence

You want to experience more freedom in your muscle movement

You feel that personal attention will help you truly live the best life you possibly can

You are recovering from a health challenge, injury, or surgery

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Big Island Mobile Yoga Studio caters to your fitness needs

and specializes in delivering yoga to your place of residence.


As your private instructor, I aim to keep your practice fun and inspiring. I take into account your fitness and skill levels, limitations, and aspirations: for relaxation, strength, flexibility, healing, or energy.


While some may consider yoga merely a form of exercise, it’s truly a whole mind-body experience, a progression of movement and breath with a beginning, middle, and end. During our time together, I’ll guide you to most effectively enter and exit a pose and assist you in making subtle shifts to your breathing, alignment, and placement. Achieving stability in each yoga asana enables you to obtain the maximum benefits from doing yoga.


Because each person is unique and our bodies and minds are in a different place each day, I encourage my clients to be gentle with themselves. Yoga is not about enduring pain or forcing your muscles. As you become aware of your breathing and listen to your body, exploring the edge of your limits, you will discover whether your body wants to go deeper, modify the pose, or stay right where it is. And that is the doorway to a yoga practice filled with more grace and ease.


Whether you live on the Big Island or are visiting from afar, I offer personalized attention during 18 time slots each week. My sessions for both seasoned and newbie yogis are 60 minutes and are structured to help you feel amazing! If you want the convenience of yoga delivered to you, call now to book a private Hatha Yoga session.

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To view Big Island Mobile Yoga Studio schedule and pricing, click here.

Looking to achieve your fullest potential as an athlete?

Practicing yoga improves your flexibility, thereby increasing your range of motion

and the speed at which you currently perform your sport.

The poses in yoga also help to shift energetic blockages in your body so that

any injuries are given a chance to fully heal.

Adding yoga into your workout routine is a great way

to mentally and physically prepare for and to relax after sporting events,

such as triathlons, marathons, or outrigger canoe races.

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Yoga for Athletes

Planning a Party?

If you're ready to feel fabulous on your vacation OR simply want to add some yoga fitness fun into

your bridal shower, wedding festivities, family reunion, birthday or anniversary party, or business conference,

contact me to design and schedule your special yoga event,

so that you’ll have an island experience you’ll remember forever.

Planning a Party?
Bridal Shower Picnic
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Practising Yoga by the Sea

Regardless of your age, infirmity, or flexibility,

Yoga’s Benefits Keep Giving!

Lower your stress level

Sleep better

Focus longer

Remember more

Ignite your metabolism

Replace fat with lean muscles

Get stronger bones

Breathe easier

Feel more energetic

Improve flexibility

Elevate your mood

Rejuvenate your body

Yoga's Benefits
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