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Your current net worth is closely linked with your feelings of self-worth. How worthy you deem yourself and value what you have to offer the world does affect what’s in your bank account.

When you esteem and appreciate yourself, you carry yourself differently and people notice that your head is held high, your shoulders are back, and you walk with purpose and a firm gait, since you know that your steps are leading you toward your goals. Also, feeling more confident allows you to care less about the opinions of others, for you know that you are smart, capable, and resilient. More of your time is spent honoring and admiring your accomplishments and reflecting on the fact that today you are in a better place than you were yesterday, last week, or even last year.

Regular EFT tapping offers you a way to organically elevate your self-confidence. And when you hold yourself in a higher regard, you’ll find it easier to rally your courage and do any of the following:

  1. Apply for the better position at work

  2. Ask for the raise, bonus, or higher commission rate

  3. Charge more for your services (if you run your own business)

  4. Stop doing things for free

  5. Say ‘No’ to anyone asking for money (esp. children of any age, extended family, and friends)

  6. End an unhealthy relationship (esp. if they aren’t contributing financially to the relationship)

  7. Take better care of your body (means less time and money spent being sick)

  8. Move a creative project forward that earns you income

  9. Acquire a new skill/more education that will allow you to do items 1, 2, or 3 on this list

Continue to tap on a daily basis to love yourself and allow the universe to show up and shower you with more prosperity and a wealth of good things that you inherently deserve to have in your life. Abundance is yours for the taking.


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