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Attention Is Food

We all enjoy being the center of attention with all eyes and ears focused on us. And we all deserve to be the apple of someone’s eye and have someone pay special attention to us.

For us, time is synonymous with attention. And like gold, time is a commodity in limited supply. Everyone is trying to get their slice of the time-pie from key people in their lives.

Growing up, the time that people (particularly your parents) spent with you was proof that you mattered and were valued—that you were the apple of their eye.

During that period, you learned to equate feeling loved with how much attention and time someone gave you, especially if you felt that you had to compete with others in your immediate family or could only get attention in limited amounts.

Love, attention, and time are vital nutrients for your heart. They are your soul’s food. They are some of the core reasons you have struggled with reaching your goals.

When you feel deprived of soul foods, you may then reach for physical food or other substances to fill up this void. That’s why when it comes to transforming self-sabotaging behaviors, it’s beneficial to discover your goal beyond the goal that you really want to achieve.


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