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Eclipse Of The Heart

Starting in elementary school, getting educated meant that the head became the sole point of focus. Everything we did revolved around stuffing vast amounts of information into the brain and then extracting it out to get good grades.

As we moved our way up through higher education, the head totally eclipsed the heart, which simply got left on the sidelines—completely neglected or shamed for wanting a little attention.

You learned to be highly skilled and efficient at using your logical mind to make your way through the world versus using your whole body to have actual firsthand, heartfelt sensory experiences. Consequently, your creativity got stifled or totally blocked, right along with your emotions, your intuition, and your ability to heal your own body. All were cast off to the land of the forgotten language of the heart.

After being ignored for trying to offer up its own wisdom, your heart may have felt like it had to hide itself on some energetic level.

Your head now directs your body. In actuality, your inner critic and ego control the inner state of your mind and preside over your whole being and have a vested interest in keeping you cut off from your heart. Those two make your head an anxious, noisy, and busy place that never seems to slow down, calm down, or shut down long enough for you to actually rest, so you’ll have the energy to reach your goals. They also keep you stuck in habitual, self-defeating patterns and replay painful memories from your past to paint a bleak future full of fear and worry.

To say the least, it’s time to give your inner critic and ego notice to vacate the premises. Fortunately, as you begin to get to the heart of the matter with your internal resistance to reaching your goals, you give yourself permission to finally put an end to your self-sabotaging behaviors. This, in turn, allows your heart and your head to have equal representation in your body. Each has its own wisdom, so fusing your thoughts and emotions makes it easier to reach any and all of your goals.

Placing your attention and awareness on your heart allows neglected and repressed parts to safely emerge from hiding, so you achieve inner peace within your own body.


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