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The amazing thing about EFT tapping is that it allows you to rapidly shift and significantly transform the subtle ways the mind and body work together to produce dis-ease, from the momentary flash of negative thinking to the chronic physical conditions that impact the quality of your daily life.

EFT easily addresses the whole mind-body-emotion connection and then safely and promptly provides relief to acute and long-held physical and emotional issues.

EFT uses the energy meridians from acupuncture to restore health to your body. And because the entire surface of your skin is a map of your body’s internal energy field, you can tap anywhere on your body and still get results.

When you tap on your body, you allow your hands to safely stimulate your energetic field, while simultaneously using EFT phraseology to swiftly alter what’s currently in your mindset that may be blocking, hindering, or even sabotaging your progress towards your goals.

While many people feel more comfortable following a specific tapping sequence, the whole point with tapping is to get the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind on the same page and in alignment with your goals. The ‘Even though’ phrases you state at the onset of tapping allow you to clear the emotional and energetic runway and give wings to your positive affirmations and declarations, so they can take flight.

Some tapping alternatives to consider while saying your EFT tapping scripts or phrases:

  • Rub your ears with your pointer and middle fingers and thumbs;

  • Massage your scalp with your fingertips;

  • Clap your hands together;

  • Gently pat parts of your body with your open palms;

  • Gently massage any part of your body with your fingertips; or

  • Tap directly on your heart center, since all emotional dis-ease begins there.

To continue to overcome your personal barriers to success and give you the EFT advantage, let your fingers do the walking, tapping, rubbing, or massaging. Tapping lets you put the power back in your own hands to shift your mindset to achieve your personal and health-related goals, so you then free up your time to pursue other endeavors.

Be sure to give yourself permission to trust your intuition as to where to tap on your body to free up blocked energy. And then use your hands to get the energy within your body moving you boldly forward.


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