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When Resistance Kicks In

If you have ever tried to deal with a two-year old who has learned the word ‘No’, then you know what a rebellion looks like and just what external resistance feels like when it’s coming at you.

You will try almost anything in your bag of tricks from negotiating and bargaining to asserting your authority and threatening with various consequences to flat out giving in and doing whatever that two-year old wants in that moment. This can be particularly true when you are out in public.

Your internal resistance to reaching a goal feels the same.

As soon as you declare a goal, your own inner revolt truly starts brewing. And the part of you that doesn’t really want to give up your free time or change your habits begins to think about rebelling or totally bailing on your goal. Those types of thoughts are a natural, human response to doing something that you don’t really want to do.

And that’s why when internal resistance fully kicks in, it can feel as if there is nothing that you can do.

Your conscious and subconscious resistance will always eclipse your desire to change or improve some aspect of your life. So keep in mind that it’s not about mustering up your willpower to do things like eat better, exercise, go to bed early, deal with your emotions, sit down and write your novel, save money for retirement, and so on depending on what you aspire to achieve.

To help balance out your internal struggle and get you to stop trying to roll a boulder up an incline, it helps to have already identified what you are hoping to achieve by reaching your goal. For when you get to the heart of the matter, you can then use EFT tapping to swiftly and easily move all internal obstacles out of the way.


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