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Eat Like A Bird

When you think about a new diet or even just watching what you eat, many memories will probably flood your mind with all the diets you have ever been on that didn’t work.

These memories may still be haunting and taunting you.

Suddenly making any kind of dietary change may feel more like being stuck on a Dessertless Island Eating Twigs and other vegetation, all of which sounds about as appealing as eating like a bird.

Every diet on the planet requires you to muster up your willpower, be hyper-vigilant around food, and rigidly follow the rules of the plan in order to achieve the results that are promised.

On a diet, you will:

  • Do things you don’t really want to;

  • Give up things that you like to eat;

  • Eat things you don’t like;

  • Adhere to someone else’s way of eating; and

  • Never experience the fulfillment of discovering healthy eating your way.

Take a moment now to reflect on what ‘dieting’ requires you to give up.

This type of reflection can make it easier to avoid triggering your inner child and sabotaging your weight loss efforts, so that whether or not you choose to diet, you will be able to tune into the knowledge of your inner self and discover healthier eating your way.


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