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Feeling Safe

Feeling safe is certainly an issue for anyone attempting to lose weight. Yet safety is hot topic for everyone on the planet, regardless of where you live.

If you are not already aware, there are many conscious and subconscious reasons people sabotage their efforts to reach their goals. You may have learned growing up that it wasn’t (and still feel it isn’t) safe to:

  • Talk about or express your feelings

  • Be smart or smarter than other people

  • Have your own opinion

  • Not be or act perfect

  • Say ‘no’ to anything

  • Speak up for yourself/ask for what you want

  • Be successful/achieve your goals and dreams

  • Be rich

  • Be strong and powerful

  • Take care of yourself before others

  • Set and have healthy boundaries

  • Be different

  • Be happy or optimistic

  • Stand out or be noticed

  • Give to others

  • Love others

  • Question, disobey, or rebel against those in authority

All of the above can be activated and trigger your safety alert button, especially if you were punished, abused, or shamed in any way as a young child for trying to do or be those things. Fortunately, EFT tapping helps remove the emotionally intense residue from childhood from all the ways you were made to feel unsafe.

On your journey to knowing yourself better, you will continue to discover just how strong, resilient, and resourceful you are. And because tapping allows you to gently heal and easily let go of the past, it frees up your energy to make healthier choices for you and your body. This keeps you moving forward to safely reach your goals.


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