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Gonna Make You Sweat

The words ‘Exercise’ and ‘Workout’ can make your subconscious sweat bullets and may serve to remind you of gym classes from school where you were made to participate in sports and activities. You may have felt awkward or at the very least, unathletic compared to your peers. This is further compounded by any memories of being bullied and harassed in the locker room where you may have also received unwelcome comments about your body.

Additionally, your parents may have made you exercise outside of school or participate in a sport to help you keep fit or to lose weight.

Now when you think about going to the gym or feel you should workout to lose weight, you stimulate all of those memories which live just below the surface of your subconscious mind and activate your resistance to exercising.

Remember when we ran around and played games as kids, naturally burning up lots of calories and easily staying fit?

As an adult, everything unfortunately feels like work. You work at a job. You work at all of your relationships. You have to work at losing weight. And the words ‘Exercise’ and ‘Workout’ just further emphasize WORK and maybe even HARD WORK.

Some part of us now longs for a way to put fun back into fitness. When we naturally and easily move our bodies, it feels like play.

Let’s regain that sense of play. Take a moment now to think about how you want to physically move your body to help burn more calories and to help that slender version of you that lies just below the surface reappear in all her glory.


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