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How Much Do You Want?

When you ask the universe to shower you with its wealth and abundance, it literally pays to get specific. Details are necessary. Yes…that means down-to-the-penny specific. It’s not enough just to say that you want to have more money in your life or that you want to be rich and successful.

You gotta call it in. And while you’re at it, be bold and make it a tall order. Imagine that you are dialing up and placing an order for pick up or delivery from your favorite restaurant.

To help you manifest what you want, it’s to your advantage to physically write down what you desire to happen financially. A plain piece of paper is fine. Or go out and buy a journal or index cards. And if you are into vision boards, let your creative side add to your imagery as well.

If you want to earn or acquire more money, where is it going to come from? List each stream of income. How much you want or believe you need is going to be based on what sort of lifestyle you want to live. Maybe you want to quit your day job to pursue a passion or hobby or perhaps you simply want to retire early. By this point in your life, you’ve probably fantasized about what freedom or opportunities having more money is going to present to you. You’ve also envisioned who you would be with and how you would be feeling.

When do you want it to arrive? Date it. The more specific you get, the better. Using words like ‘Now’ or ‘Tomorrow’ aren’t really enough. Yet declaring something like, “I want these streams of financial wealth and abundance to arrive on or before 9:00 A.M., G.M.T., Monday, January 1, 2018,” that’s very specific.

While you’re at it, be sure to include what sort of rate of return you want to earn on any investments or how do you want your assets to continue to appreciate? Yes, ask for cash and resources to arrive and then ask for more to keep flowing your way.

Also be willing to allow the universe to deliver what you want OR something even better. You can be specific, yet also be willing to be delighted and surprised by what actually manifests in your life.

It’s suggested that you make a list of bullet points…or you can write a story. Whatever is fun and enjoyable for you. Give it a title. You can certainly pick something like ‘My Financial Goals’. Or you can allow your creative juices to bubble up to the surface and make it more like a newspaper headline, “Fifty-Something Wakes Up In A Room Full Of Gold.”

After you finish reading this blogpost is where the rubber’s gonna meet the road. If you don’t actually write down anything, that’s a great place to discover any of your fears and what you are resistant to, so you can do some EFT tapping to transform them.

To you, maybe this sort of thing feels too much like work or homework. Or maybe you’re afraid others will see your list and make fun of you…or worse, that that other person acts out emotionally. After all, most people secretly fear being left behind when someone becomes successful or when that other person simply wants to transform some element of their own life for the better.

If you make your list, it’s cause for celebration, since it means you’re really serious about shifting your current financial situation. Now you are responsible for looking at your list every day and reading aloud what you’ve written until you manifest it into reality. You’ll know you’ve come up against some additional subconscious roadblocks to your success if you only read your financial abundance list a few days and then stop. Again, this just provides you with more opportunities to do some EFT tapping.

You know what you want. Now go ahead and ask for it…the universe is listening to your request. So use your voice and declare what you want and then allow it to find you.


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