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Inner Child: Your Inner Cheerleader AND Rebel With A Doughnut

Inside each and every one of us is the heart of our inner child—a child who has seen many incredible things, as well as things she’d rather not remember or ever talk about again.

Your own inner child learned how to fit in and get along in the world she lived in. For her to thrive in her surroundings, she became really savvy on what she needed to do to get time, love, and attention, along with other resources, from key people in her life. She did this by being either ‘a good little girl’ OR ‘a not so good little girl’.

She was given food in every possible situation imaginable. She was both rewarded and punished with it so often that it made her heart ache and her head spin in confusion. Was food a form of love shared by others to nourish her body and feed her soul? Or was it a form of control and manipulation by others who would resort to tactics of reprimanding or starving her to get her to comply with their wishes?

During this time of bewilderment, your inner child’s habit of using food as a pain reliever was unknowingly kick-started when others repeatedly gave her food to soothe physical hurts and emotional pains. And since she observed how to deal—or not deal—with her emotions in those moments, she also got into the pattern of reaching for food to keep unwanted emotions stuffed down and to keep other dreams and desires safely locked deep inside her heart. Suppression instead of expression eventually became a way of life.

When your inner child approves or likes what you are doing, she stands beside you cheering you on with “You go girl!” and “You got this!!!”

Yet, if she doesn’t like what you are doing or feels she is being discounted, ignored, or punished in any way, she can turn on you, put her foot down, and shout “No! You can’t make me!” At which point, she immediately starts your own inner revolt brewing and solicits her pals, resistance and self-sabotage, to help block and stop you from reaching your goals.

To say the least, going on a diet is something your inner child does not want to do for it reminds her of all the times she was punished. That’s why in the blink of an eye, she now becomes the rebel with a doughnut and triggers you to cheat or totally bail on your diet. As soon as your internal resistance fully kicks in and your inner child demands to indulge in or binge on comfort foods, it can feel as if there is nothing you can do.

Your inner child still longs for time, love, and attention from others. She truly wants to be seen, heard, and acknowledged. She remembers those unhealed places from your childhood; and she does her best now to protect you from experiencing any further pain or disappointment in your life, as well as helps you avoid conflict. She also doesn’t like to give things up, especially beloved favorite foods, that help to soothe and numb the ache and pain she feels or expects to feel when challenging events occur. Her beloved favorite foods are the only things that reliably put a smile on her face and make her happy, albeit at the consequence of your expanding waistline.

To help easily balance out these internal struggles and put an end to self-sabotage, it’s to your benefit to acknowledge your inner child and give her a voice—so she can finally express what’s been eating at her and weighing YOU down. By going on a Weight Loss Discovery Journey, you honor your inner child’s wisdom, thereby allowing her to feel safe enough to get completely on your side to reach your goals.


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