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On The Fringe Of Binge

You can usually feel a food binge coming on days or even hours before it actually happens.

Prior to a binge, you may be more sensitive, more moody, more stressed, and sleep-deprived.

Everything seems off. And almost anything can set you off and send you spiraling down the rabbit hole and diving into food oblivion.

If you are on a diet when the urge to binge gets triggered, you may raid the pantry or go shopping to buy all the foods you have managed to keep out of your home to date.

As you dive into your binge in an almost trance-like state, you may feel an intense high as you taste the first morsel. Yet the extreme pleasure diminishes with each bite and eventually you just feel stuffed and numb—and never fully satisfied.

Fortunately, your Weight Loss Discovery Journey has been designed to help neutralize the triggers that contribute to the urge to binge, such that over a period of time, the frequency of binges diminishes or completely disappears. This happens as a result of you discovering and transforming the words and events that previously triggered inner resistance and activated self-sabotaging patterns.


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