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Punishment Or Reward

Do you feel like you are being punished when you go on a diet?

If so, when you adhere to the restrictions of a diet without being on a Weight Loss Discovery Journey, you almost guarantee your inner child will immediately surface with the shout, “You CAN’T make me!”

And once your inner child feels she is being punished, she may very well sabotage your efforts to lose weight in a variety of ways.

When we do anything that feels restrictive or like we are being punished, it’s normal for us all to want to reward and treat ourselves. Hence on a diet, our natural inclination is to reach for food for comfort and to relieve any pain we may be feeling, especially if reaching our goal seems a long way off.

As you are transforming what’s been blocking your weight-loss efforts to date, you then allow yourself to move away from using food as either punishment or reward. Instead, food then becomes what it was once like when we were kids: pure ENJOYMENT, as well as the fuel to keep our bodies healthy and thriving throughout our days.


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