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When other people—consciously and unconsciously—withheld their time, love, and attention from us as kids, we felt the sting of rejection. And as we continued to encounter rejection, our hearts began to ache and some part of us began to feel unworthy or not good enough, which most of us haven’t quite healed from yet.

Rejection is a part of life and the potential to be rejected exists within every human interaction you have where you hope to be chosen, approved of, accepted, acknowledged, or loved in some way at home, at school, at work, and in all your social networks. This includes the potential rejection of all your qualifications, skills, attributes, ideas, suggestions, and creative or artistic endeavors you embark upon.

You do not have to recall or relive painful moments to heal rejection. Simply doing some EFT tapping can safely and easily clear the surface pain of most rejection. The shifts you experience from tapping can then be further accelerated by the following:

  1. Becoming more aware of how your fear of being rejected in the future has you play small or oftentimes not at all.

  2. Continuing to become more conscious of your compulsion to reach for food and other substances or activities to soothe, numb, or escape from yourself when you get rejected.

You may fear that by reaching a goal that you will still not get you the time, love, and attention you crave from others. Hence, you may sabotage your efforts to maintain the status quo and avoid the potential pain of rejection. Self-sabotage then becomes a form of self-rejection and self-abuse. Your fear keeps you stuck on the sidelines in life in relative safety at the cost of potential joy, happiness, success, or financial abundance.

Luckily, fear begins to melt away with awareness which lets you leap beyond the limits you have imposed on yourself in the past. EFT tapping allows you to pick yourself up, for it nurtures your soul and powerfully restores your sense of self-worth. And with your confidence boosted, you keep moving toward the goals you have set for yourself.


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