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While you are in the process of shedding your excess pounds, it’s essential that you keep gently reminding yourself that it’s not really about the food.

What you eat, the quantity of food you consume, and how often you exercise your body are certainly part of the weight-loss formula—yet a relatively small portion of it, less than 20%.

The majority of that formula—around 70%—that affects your capability to lose weight is linked with your conscious and subconscious fears of successfully reaching your goals and how that will ultimately impact all your interpersonal relationships. Or said another way, whether or not the thinner version of you will finally feel:

  • Safe

  • Loved

  • Worthy

  • Respected

  • Seen

  • Acknowledged

  • Permitted to express yourself, especially your thoughts, feelings, and emotions

  • Empowered to stand your ground with key people in your life

As for the residual 10% of what influences your ability to shrink your waistline and other areas of your body, food tastes great and we’ve all learned since birth to reach for it to comfort ourselves, to pass the time, to keep us company, to get pleasure, or to numb and suppress our feelings, desires, and pains.

Because we humans are reliant on our social networks and influenced by our interpersonal relationships, allow yourself to safely discover your fears and swiftly move beyond them. For when you actually give yourself permission to focus on the fact that weight loss really isn’t about the food, you let yourself get off the dieting roller coaster once and for all. It also sets the wheels in motion for you to reach other goals that you have for yourself.


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