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S.O.S.—A Message For You From Your Inner Child

Hello You,

Should you choose to go on a diet, you will face every “why bother” excuse possible. You then reflect on your self-worth and vow to succeed this time and not fail again. Yet, you can’t seem to shake the pain and despair that washes over you as you wonder if depriving yourself for the rest of your life is worth it to be one of the thin people. You control and swallow an urge to scream and stuff down the anger that arises every time you think about dieting.

Overwhelmed by the mere thought of one more letdown in your life and starving for just a little attention, you may be wishing someone would unconditionally support you in the ways you want and need. When you choose to diet, you could really benefit from some acceptance and a little TLC (Tender Loving Care), especially from your family. Yet creating healthier boundaries with them, other people, or with food often seems as hopeless as reaching your weight-loss goals. Feeling depressed and frustrated just makes you feel more stuck (usually before your diet’s even begun).

Sweetness, as far as you can remember, only comes in wrapped packages. And the easiness and speed at which you can indulge in your beloved favorite foods when unwanted emotions get triggered concerns you since you can devour and gorge weigh beyond fullness. You love the enjoyment these pleasurable foods bring, yet not the effect they have on your expanding waistline. And if the thought of letting go of them once again is agonizing, how are you to make it through your stress-filled days or be able to handle anxiety-rich social eating scenarios if you won’t be able to treat yourself? To boot, you may already feel heavy with guilt, worrying that you might cheat on your diet. If you stopped putting others first, then you could devote more time to your health and well-being which would help resolve your weight issues sooner.

With love,

Your Inner Child


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