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Safety First

Safety is an underlying concern for everyone living on the planet. And since a part of your mind is always trying to keep you safe from harm, pain, or injury—real or imagined, it’s to your waistline’s advantage to see if safety is a root issue that needs to be acknowledged and transformed.

When you set out to shed your excess pounds, your opinion about thin people or people that weigh less than you truly matters and can be a determining factor in just how long you will stay on your weight-loss journey.

If you view thin people as:

  • Weak

  • Invisible

  • Vulnerable

  • Unprotected

  • Frail

  • Able to be easily hurt or insulted by others

  • Unable to stand their ground

  • Lacking strength...

…then some part of you will keep the weight on to protect you.

You may also feel that a thinner version of your current self could lead you to flirt or even stray from your current romantic relationship. And if you are presently unattached, you may worry that a slender version of yourself could be on the receiving end of attention or sexual advances from possible romantic partners.

Whatever the case may be, there is a subconscious ringtone that continually plays in your mind that says, ‘It’s not safe for me to lose weight because…

To get out of this dieter’s dilemma, it’s important to become aware of your fears and concerns and then use EFT tapping to clear from your body and mind what you perceive to be the negative aspects about losing weight or becoming thin. Doing so now will prevent you from sabotaging your efforts to successfully lose weight in the future.


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