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Take Back Your Power

We learned to give away our power as kids—first to our parents and then to other authority figures such as any elders, teachers, peers, doctors, bosses, and even religious and political leaders. In those early years, we didn’t have very much choice as we had no way of providing food, clothing, and shelter for ourselves. All of us were subjected to the good graces or the not so good graces of those in control of our lives.

Believe it or not, you did try to rebel and regain your power starting at around age two and again in your teens. Yet at some point along the way, you gave up fighting for what you truly want, which still influences areas of your life where you feel powerless in interpersonal relationships.

When you feel a loss of power (at any age) or that you are not the one in authority, you oftentimes feel a loss of control which can then trigger or heighten your concern for your safety and well-being. Also, you can end up feeling like a small and helpless little child, who then resorts to self-sabotaging patterns.

Many of us get frightened when we think of power for we have seen others abuse power. Hence, some part of you may be afraid to re-empower yourself.

Yet for transformation to be lasting, it’s important to give yourself permission to take back your power, so you can fully participate in healing your own body if you are dealing with a health condition OR so you can trust your inner guidance as you proceed toward some other goal.

Symbolically, your hands represent how you give to and receive from others, as well as from yourself. Consider each EFT tapping sequence you do as an opportunity to use your hands to swiftly and easily reclaim aspects of yourself. This rediscovered sense of empowerment allows you to feel safe and more in control of your life and your actions. For when you feel safe and in control, you feel you can listen to what your body and mind are wanting and needing in the moment for you to take better care of them.

The choice is completely in your own hands. You can learn to take back your power and tune in to your inner wisdom to experience radiant health and transform other aspects of your life too.


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