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Who’s Blocking You

As pointed out in a previous post, how you feel a thinner version of yourself will impact your interpersonal relationships contributes to how much weight you will allow yourself to lose.

Your desire to lose weight and be thinner sends all sorts of messages to others in your life who may unconsciously attempt to sabotage you to get their own needs met first. Additionally, what size other members of your family are, in comparison to you, is of importance and carries some weight—pun intended.

Many people may feel threatened by your desire to change. Someone in your family or social network may become jealous if you lose weight, regardless of their current shape or size, especially if they feel it will take attention away from them. Try to keep in mind that these people may resort to all sorts of behaviors and tactics that may make no sense to you.

Because of this, it’s to your advantage to pause and take a look at your interpersonal relationships with your parents, siblings, spouse, your children, significant other, possible romantic partners, your boss, coworkers, friends, etc.

Is there anyone you are aware of trying to block you from becoming thinner?

Do any of these people try to get you to cheat on your diet? Or give up on your diet altogether?

Has anyone become more moody or more emotional since you started dieting?

When you take a moment now to understand that other people’s behavior is more about them and less about you, it allows you to give yourself permission to still move forward to reach your weight-loss goals.


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