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Why Bother

As you try to change a habit, address a problem, or attempt to let go of behaviors and thinking that no longer serves you, you might become skeptical and resistant about investing your time and effort in trying something new.

You may have already chosen to accept that some things will never change or that an issue cannot be resolved. It is, therefore, in your best interest to become more aware of any ‘ringtones’ playing in your head that are similar to the following:

  • ‘Nothing ever works for me.’

  • ‘I’ve tried that already.’

  • ‘I’ve tried something similar to that.’

  • ‘I will never be able to learn how to do that.’

  • ‘It will take too long to learn how to do that.’

  • ‘I would rather not go into that again.’

  • ‘That’s just the way things are.’

  • ‘That’s just the way I am.’

  • ‘I will just have to live with it.’

All of the above are variations of a ‘Why Bother/Will It Bear Fruit?’ frame of mind that will drain you of the motivation necessary to attempt to shift your mindset and reach your goal. A ‘Why Bother’ frame of mind has an underlying theme of ‘been there, done that, nothing works or ever really changes’.

Keep in mind that the old ways you have tried to reach your goal are comfortable and familiar, yet have not given you what you seek. As a result, it is important to learn if this subtle form of self-sabotage, ‘Why Bother,’ is running the show, so you can clear these obstacles out of your way.


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