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Worth Your Weight In Gold

You may wonder whether your efforts to lose weight will be:

  • worth your time of day;

  • worth the sacrifices; and

  • worth waiting for.

Will you ever fully attain and then maintain your desired weight loss? That is the question.

And, underneath all your doubts lurk the core issues:

  • Do you feel you deserve to get what you want?

  • Do you feel worthy of having the body you desire?

The answers reside just below the surface where your dieting and weight loss resistance has its roots—in your feelings of self-worth.

Your current feelings of self-worth (i.e. how you judge and weigh yourself) hinges upon how others measured your worth on the scale of life in the past. They declared your worth while simultaneously giving you their unsolicited opinions of you.

As small children, we took these opinions to heart and formed certain beliefs about ourselves that we now carry with us, mostly on an unconscious level.

Your Weight Loss Discovery Journey is helping you shower your inner child with the respect and honor she truly deserves. As you begin to shift your mindset and realize your true worth—which is priceless—you naturally give yourself permission to free yourself to stay on track to reach your goals.


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